Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Expert Brush Set - Pure Kolinsky Bristles

Kolinsky makeup brushes have the best porosity for application of the most intense, truest form of color. Kolinsky, sometimes referred to as kolinsky sable, is not from a sable at all, but comes from the tail of a species of mink that is a member of the weasel family found in Siberia and northeastern China. It is generally conceded to be the best material for precise layering of color, especially for creation of specific gradations due to its strength, spring and ability to retain its shape ("snap"). It holds a very fine point or edge for precise application that is favored by professional makeup artists around the world. This is considered a professional grade of hair, and if properly cared for, Kolinsky will last for many years. These are the most expensive brushes. The price for just one Pure Kolinsky eyeshadow brush made by Shu Uemura is priced at $135.00.
At the Makeup Brush Company we have a 23 Piece Kolinsky Brush Set that is only $225.00. This brush set is used by professional makeup artist and teachers.

Pure Kolinsky Makeup Brush Set

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