Monday, September 22, 2008

The Quick Guide to Mineral Makeup Brushes

Mineral makeup has sure taken the makeup industry by storm. It has so many benefits over liquid foundation. Most mineral makeup wearers know the benefits.

  • It is all natural
  • It contains natural SPF
  • It is good for your skin
  • It resists bacteria
  • It has good shelf Life
  • A little goes a long way. Saving you money in the long run.

But when it comes to brushes to apply your makeup many people get lost on the different types of brushes available on the market.
When it comes to makeup brushes natural bristles are best. Natural animal hair bristles do a better job of Picking up and grabbing the mineral makeup. The bristles are porous therefore they will absorb the makeup deep into the hairs. However many vegetarians or those with sensitivities to animal hair like to use synthetic bristles. Modern technology has enabled these to work just as good as animal hair.

The Kabuki Brush – This is the most widely used brush for mineral makeup.
Pro’s- soft and full round head lightly grab the minerals and apply a light application to large areas. Quick And easy to use.
Con’s -Large head is usually to big to fit into the jars of mineral makeup making it messy.

Flat top buffer brushes
Pro’s -Smaller flat top fits great into the jars of loose mineral foundation less mess. The application is heavier because the bristles are evenly cut across the head grabbing more product on the tips of the bristles.
Con’s – Takes more time to buff in the minerals due to the smaller brush tip and the flat cut versus a tapered cut tends to create more of a sharp edge on your face versus a tapered brush which creates a diffused edge.