Monday, March 1, 2010

Flat Irons

ISO Flat Irons : Far Infrared Ionic 
Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Hair Straightener
ISO International turbo Silk hair straightener, aka the New Intelligent Straightener.
This ceramic tourmaline far infrared ceramic  has over 700% more negaitve ions for silky, shiny hair with advanced nano technology changing color plates

    • • Swivel cord
    • • Power LED
  • • Plates made from tourmaline crystal stone
  • • Made for different hair types and styles
  • • Far infrared technology

    • • Dual voltage
    • • Humidity safe
    • • Freeze control
  • • 430 degree F
  • • European design,  quality made in China
The Brush Company found these flat irons at a beauty trade show and we experimented with a few.
 We spoke with a number of hair artists we saw at the show and they were amazed. A far a Flat irons go these are advertised on the box over $300 on the box and have a lifetime warranty.  Send in the registration card for the lifetime warranty. Details are on ISO  website. These are easy use great for salon or home use and at special offer price from "The Brush Company" it is hard to beat.

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